Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some Makers I admire:

The Esperanza Center for Peace and Justice, member, proud supporter

Sojourn Theatre Company - I attended artistic director Michael Rohd's summer institute in 2006 - an important turning point for me in figuring out how theatre can make good.

Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed greatly influences my work, especially with youth. I got to attend the PTO Conference in 2008 (Thank you Theatre Action Project!)

Albany Park Theatre Project is amazing. I met Artistic Director David Feiner at the University of Texas Teaching Artist Symposium in 2008.

I was an intern at Grrl Action in the summer of 2006, and probably learned more from the students about autobiographical, solo performance than I could have possibly taught them.

I volunteered, writing curriculum and teaching with Las Libres in Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico, in the fall of 2008.

Cornerstone Theater makes wonderful work, and they're supremely nice people to boot. I will study with them someday!

I studied with Yuyachkani in Lima, Peru in November of 2006. Please follow this link. They're incredible.

El Teatro Campesino: I first realized that theatre could make some serious good, and be fun/funny/ridiculous, all at the same time, from reading their actos!

Anne Bogart's work with the SITI company is becoming an increasingly big influence on my work...

Anna Deavere Smith's "Letters to a Young Artist" is one of my 'bibles.' Incredible discipline. Amazing solo performer.

Sharon Bridgforth has been the anchor artist of The Austin Project since it was founded; I participated in her "Finding Voice" workshop in June 2009.

Adelina Anthony is hot hot hot! In all the ways that count! I'm about to learn with/from her in "Teatro Q" this week.

k.t. shorb is my friend and colleague, and an awesome theatre artist.

Anel Flores is also my friend and colleague, and a wonderful writer.

Ana Lara is yet another friend and colleague, amazing artist.

Gloria Anzaldua's "Borderlands" is a sutra.

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