Tuesday, October 27, 2009

spread the word! LGBT Youth of Color Organizing Summit

/// Apply by Friday | 2010 LGBT Youth of Color Organizing Summit
Hey Folks,
This is your final reminder to get your applications in for the 2010 LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit at Creating Change!

See below for more information and for a link to the application.

What is it?
FIERCE, a lgbtq youth of color grassroots organization based in NYC, will host a day-long organizing summit at the Creating Change Conference in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday February 3, 2010. The summit will build the grassroots skills of LGBTQ youth of color who increasingly face homelessness, lack of safe public space, and violence. You will experience a fabulous interactive training space that covers organizing skills and strategies for how to build the political power of LGBTQ youth of color in the movement. If you are looking to sharpen your organizing skills or want to learn from the experiences of other LGBTQ youth doing grassroots organizing, this is the space for you.
Why a Summit?

* There is a gap in youth leadership in the LGBTQ movement. We want to be part of changing that.
* LGBTQ youth of color are facing increasing rates of homelessness and violence.
* There are not many resources available for LGBTQ youth of color to strengthen their grassroots organizing skills and build political power. We hope to share our model and the lessons we have learned.
* We think its important to share our curriculum, experiences, and strategies with each other so that we can be more effective in our work towards social justice.

What workshops and facilitated discussions should you expect at the summit?

* skills to build your membership base
* skills to plan a winnable campaign
* building, exercising, and sustaining power: FIERCE's Organizing Model
* creating a strategic vision for the future of LGBTQ Youth Organizing
* youth organizing: lessons from the field
* developing networks with other LGBTQ youth organizers


The deadline for all applications has been extended to October 30th.
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