Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Donate White Fabric to Local Theatre!

As you clean out your closets to make way for the new year, give put your neglected white fabric to use!

The Generic Ensemble Company (kt shorb, Natalie Goodnow, Kimberly Alidio, La'arni Ayuma, Kai Bumpus, Camille DePrang, and Saray Rosales) seeks donations of white fabric for use as set material in our upcoming devised work, "Waiting for Gee-Dot," set to premiere in January 2010. Any fabric, so long as it is a shade of solid white and larger than one square yard will be greatly appreciated. Old sheets work well. Donations will be acknowledged in the program. To schedule a pick up, please contact kt shorb (ktshorb@hotmail.com) or Camille DePrang (cdeprang@gmail.com). Thank you for supporting local, cutting-edge theatre and performance art. Mister Beckett won't be pleased.


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