Thursday, June 17, 2010


This Saturday from 10am - noon, Theatre Action Project is having a parade through the farmers market called "Imagination: Gateway to the Future"

This parade involves a large pageant of giant puppets created by elementary students and Aron Taylor, Sachi DeCou, and Ignacio Cruz. Our hope is to have musicians marching with the students to create a loud beautiful sounding parade that is a musical feast for the ears and a sensational spectacle for the eyes.

The parade will look like this:

Students will march from Mellow Johnny's into the parking lot carrying what we call the "Future without Change." It will feature smoke stacks and smog, murky dancing water, a six legged frog and flying traffic jam.... boo! We hope the music would be a cacophonous stream of noise and disturbance.

The students then make their way through the park into the "THINK TANK" here they will reappear from the other side of the tunnel with the "Green Future of Imagination" featuring trees and solar panels and wind powered vehicles and beautiful fish in streams. Each school will perform a song as their parade section travels once again through the market. The music would be very easy to learn and would accompany songs created by the students themselves.

We hope hope hope you would be willing to join us for a fun afternoon in the market, and afterwards, we offer everyone free lunch featuring Tacodeli tacos, lemonade and Fresh farm peaches!

Please email Dustin at if you would be willing to help make this parade a musical success and he will fill you in on all the details. It would mean a lot to the students, teachers and audience who will be there to enjoy the parade. AND IT WILL BE FUN TOO!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Dustin, Sachi, Ignacio, Aron and bunch of students from various elementary schools

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